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The Client: Ferreyros Maquinarias

Ferreyros is a leader in Peru in the sale of heavy machinery and services, representing Caterpillar and other brands. It is part of the Ferreycorp corporation, recognized for its good labor practices and social responsibility.


The Challenge

Ferreyros faced challenges in maintaining the continuity and efficiency of its field operators' activities, with downtime affecting overall productivity.


The Solution

An application integrated with a dashboard was developed and implemented, using Power BI, for real-time monitoring and tracking of field operators, optimizing the management of their activities and reducing downtime.

Real-Time Monitoring of Activities

The application enabled real-time supervision of field operators, resulting in a reduction of downtime and an increase in productivity.

Real-Time Monitoring of Activities

Resource Management Optimization

The dashboard provided a clear, real-time view of operations, facilitating decision-making and resource allocation.

Resource Management Optimization

Performance Visualization

The platform offered a deeper understanding of operational performance, enabling proactive adjustments and process improvements.

Performance Visualization

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