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The Client: Antamina

Antamina, one of the world's top ten largest mines, is a Peruvian mining company committed to excellence, safety, and environmental sustainability, promoting development from the Andes to the world.


The Challenge

Antamina faces the challenge of identifying and mitigating potential vulnerabilities in its information systems to prevent unauthorized access and misuse. Additionally, it aims to establish secure code standards to enhance the security of its applications.


The Solution

To address these challenges, an external intrusion test was conducted, simulating behaviors and techniques used by intruders to analyze the security level and exposure of systems to potential attacks. This test includes identifying vulnerabilities in open ports, existing services, and operating systems, as well as validating false positives generated during scanning. Additionally, documentation of secure code standards was provided to enhance the security of applications.

Improving Security

Identifying and mitigating vulnerabilities will help improve the security of information systems, reducing the risk of unauthorized access and misuse.

Improving Security

Security Standards

Implementing secure code standards ensures that applications meet established security requirements, protecting the confidentiality and integrity of IT assets.

Security Standards

Reducing Security Breach Risks

By presenting a detailed report of vulnerabilities and security recommendations, the risk of security breaches was reduced by providing guidance to strengthen security.

Reducing Security Breach Risks

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