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Experience Design


The Client: PUCP

The Pontifical Catholic University of Peru (PUCP) is a prestigious academic institution recognized for its excellence in undergraduate and graduate programs. Its commitment to research, social responsibility, and the ethical and humanistic education of professionals distinguishes it as a leader in knowledge generation and contribution to the scientific and cultural development of the country.


The Challenge

PUCP faced challenges in the online application process, where the complexity of the flow and the number of steps affected the user experience.


The Solution

A user experience (UX) strategy was implemented, designing a prototype for the online application process until admission notification. Through 15 usability tests, the flow was optimized, focusing on simplification and reducing the necessary steps by half to improve process efficiency.

Improvement of User Experience

A prototype was developed to evaluate the steps of the application process. This allowed for improvements in the experience of applicants, enhancing the flow.

Improvement of User Experience

Agility in the Application Process

Optimizing the flow increased the efficiency of the online application process, streamlining admissions management.

Agility in the Application Process

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