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The Client: Antamina

Antamina, one of the world's top ten largest mines, is a Peruvian mining company committed to excellence, safety, and environmental sustainability, promoting development from the Andes to the world.


The Challenge

Antamina's Environmental Management Department faced the challenge of having diverse data sources (flat files, Excel, and databases) in various environments, resulting in delays in data collection, processing, and analysis. To address this challenge, they sought to implement a centralized database to store historical and new data, along with dashboards that would improve visibility and streamline report generation.


The Solution

A solution was created to centralize, store, and manage data. The ETL process was used to load data from different sources into an intermediate server, where it was cleaned and transformed. The processed data was then loaded into a database for reporting and analysis in Tableau.

Implementation of ETL Process

The implementation of the ETL process allowed for the extraction, transformation, and loading of data from various sources into a single unified data repository.

 Implementation of ETL Process

Creation of Central Repository (Datamart DB)

The Datamart database centralizes historical and new data from various areas, facilitating access and management of the data for use in precise and reliable analysis.

Creation of Central Repository (Datamart DB)

Data Visualization in Tableau

The implementation of Tableau enhances the visualization and assessment of the environmental impact of operations, enabling detailed analysis and facilitating decision-making.

Data Visualization in Tableau

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