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The Client: RIMAC

RIMAC, a leading insurer in Peru, stands out for its innovative approach and commitment to digital transformation. RIMAC aims to be the preferred insurance company for Peruvians, highlighting its connection with the community.


The Challenge

RIMAC faced challenges in the usability of its online quote system, affecting both user traffic and satisfaction. Additionally, the complexity of the design impacted the user experience.


The Solution

To address these issues, a usability diagnosis of the online quote system was conducted. The main usability problems were identified, quick wins and small design changes were proposed to improve the user experience. The implementation of these adjustments resulted in simpler and more efficient navigation.

Increase in the Quotation Visits

The implementation of design changes in the quoting system significantly boosted visits and optimized usability, attracting more users.

Increase in the Quotation Visits

Enhanced Navigation Satisfaction

Simplifying navigation and addressing usability issues elevated user satisfaction, resulting in a positive browsing experience within the quoting system.

Enhanced Navigation Satisfaction

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