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The Client: Derco Center

With over 20 years of experience, Derco has established itself as a leader in the sale of vehicles and machinery. Recognized for its excellence, the company is committed to customer satisfaction and continuously seeks to improve its processes to offer high-quality products and services.


The Challenge

Derco faced the challenge of validating the contact information of potential customers visiting its dealerships. The objective was to have reliable and updated data of these customers to effectively follow up with them and boost sales.


The Solution

A web-based data validation system was implemented, allowing advisors to enter customer information. The system validates data quality such as ID number, tax identification number, phone number, etc., with the RENIEC (National Registry of Identification and Civil Status) database. The platform centralizes information from multiple dealerships. Additionally, reports and graphics are generated for tracking and analysis purposes.

Visualization of Metrics

Advisors can visualize, through graphs, the percentage of data quality of customers by dealership or time range.

Visualization of Metrics

Data Quality Validation

The platform allows for the validation of customer information quality, ensuring it is valid and up-to-date.

Data Quality Validation

Report Generation

The platform enables the generation of reports on the percentage of customer data quality, allowing for detailed tracking and analysis of the sales process.

Report Generation

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