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Software Development


The Client: Antamina

Antamina, one of the ten largest mines in the world, is a Peruvian mining company committed to excellence, safety, and environmental sustainability, promoting development from the Andes to the world.


The Challenge

Antamina faced issues with executing specific SAP functions and the high costs associated with managing multiple users for activity logging and work notifications. Therefore, they sought a platform to simplify user management and work order logging.


The Solution: "GMM Project"

The GMM Project was implemented to facilitate the creation, assignment, and tracking of work notifications and orders. Each user has a personalized dashboard to manage their work orders, simplifying activity logging. The information integrates directly with SAP, providing a comprehensive solution.

Reduction of Operating Costs

Operating costs were reduced by simplifying the creation of notifications and work orders, decreasing the need for multiple users in SAP, thus enhancing financial efficiency.

 Reduction of Operating Costs

Work Order Register

The register and visualization of work orders were improved, optimizing the flow of an order and providing more transparent and effective management.

Work Order Register

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