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The Client: Antamina

Antamina, one of the ten largest mines in the world, is a Peruvian mining company committed to excellence, safety, and environmental sustainability, promoting development from the Andes to the world.


The Challenge

Antamina faced the challenge of optimizing the loading turnaround times at the mine. To achieve this, they aimed to digitize the process of creating shipping guides and automate both the notification process via email about the loading departures and the generation of the guides in PDF format.


The Solution: "Shipping Management"

"Shipping Management" was developed, a system that gathers essential information for the preparation of material transportation guides. Through this platform, automated email notifications were implemented to keep stakeholders informed about the status of the cargo shipments. Additionally, we integrated this system with Digiflow, an electronic invoicing solution, to generate PDFs of the guides and facilitate their validation with the SUNAT (Peruvian tax authority) using QR codes.

Shipping Time Optimization

The system simplifies the generation of guides, reducing preparation times and ensuring quicker cargo departures.

Shipping Time Optimization

Automatic Validation of Guides with SUNAT

Digiflow was integrated to send electronic shipping guides to SUNAT, which validates the guides by placing a QR code, thus enhancing information control.

Automatic Validation of Guides with SUNAT

Status Notifications

Email notifications were implemented to inform about the status of cargo shipments.

Status Notifications

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