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The Customer: Jockey Plaza

Jockey Plaza is the most emblematic shopping center in Peru. Committed to innovation and continuous improvement, it stands out in the market for its focus on evolving and continually enriching the customer experience.


The Challenge

Jockey Plaza has a mobile application with over 20,000 users. All the information generated by the interactions of these users in the various sections of the app was stored in a database. The challenge was to process this information to obtain key data and valuable insights about consumers, in order to make informed strategic decisions.


The Solution

A Power BI Dashboard was developed to centralize and organize key information from the mobile application. The Dashboard automates the generation of reports with graphs, improving data visualization. This speeds up analysis, enhances understanding of consumer profiles, and enables other departments to visualize relevant information for effective decision-making.

Consolidated Information

The Dashboard efficiently centralizes key data from the application, providing a comprehensive view of relevant metrics and improving data management.

 Consolidated Information

Ease of Decision-Making

The Dashboard's graphs allow for visualization of key data on user interactions, simplifying analysis and facilitating the implementation of strategies and improvements.

Ease of Decision-Making

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