Overcoming technology challenges: Our experience in 10 different industries

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Overcoming technology challenges: Our experience in 10 different industries

In an increasingly technology technology-driven world, many companies face complex challenges in the implementation and management of technological solutions. That is why, at Touch Consulting, we are committed to solving the technological challenges faced by large and medium medium-sized companies, in order to optimize processes and increase our clients’ profitability.

Our experience in different sectors allows us to provide a strategic perspective to the technological challenges of our clients. In that sense, we are proud that more than 20 leading brands from 10 different sectors trust in our ability to offer effective solutions tailored to their needs. In this article, we will share some of our success stories.

In the education sector, we worked with one of the most recognized universities for its academic excellence, optimizing the online application flow through a navigable prototype designed for the virtual version of the application flow, from enrollment to admission notification. Through usability testing, we’re able to reduce the number of steps by half, significantly improving the applicant’s user experience.

In the food sector, we identified cross cross-selling opportunities for a company dedicated to the production and sale of food, by implementing a data analysis solution integrated to the e e-commerce channel, which led to an increase in the average value of the purchase order, leading to an increase in the average order value.

In the retail sector, we boosted the omnichannel of one of the largest and most modern shopping malls in Latin America through a Mobile App, which transforms the shopping experience of its customers, facilitating the analysis and cross cross-checking of shopping variables to customize the product offer to users.

In the financial services sector, we digitized and automated the customer service process of a company that processes American Express operations through usability tests, which identified the critical points of its users in the process. In this way, we improved the fluidity and efficiency of the customer service process.

In the construction sector, we improved the efficiency of field operators for the leader in the distribution and marketing of construction equipment, mining and other industrial sectors, ensuring the continuity and efficiency of their activities through the development of a mobile application integrated to a dashboard for monitoring and tracking their operations.

In the urban planning sector, we implemented Odoo ERP in a real estate company, considering the accounting, sales and purchasing modules. We analyzed its structure and long long-term objectives to select the most appropriate modules, simplifying the management of its business processes.

In the automotive sector, we developed a web system for the quality validation of the data of potential customers visiting the stores of a leading Chilean company in the sale and distribution of vehicles and machinery. In this way we improved the contactability and follow follow-up rate of the leads.

In the logistics sector, we developed a mobile application linked to a web portal that contributed to the digitization and standardization of the inspection processes of a British multinational that offers testing and inspection services. This streamlined the quality control process and organized the data source by project.

In the travel and tourism sector, we identified opportunities for improvement in the usability of a travel agency’s website, using Cognitive Walkthrough and User Testing techniques. The improvements implemented in an agile way allowed us to improve the user experience and increase the efficiency of the website.

Finally, in the mining sector, we have worked with one of the largest and most successful mines in Latin America, contributing to the prevention of machine failures by creating a mobile application that facilitates the management of preventive and corrective maintenance.

In summary, at Touch Consulting we are committed to our clients’ success and work closely with them to identify and solve their technological challenges. Each success
story is a testament to our ability to understand our clients’ specific needs and deliver effective, tailored soluti ons.

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